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 Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade)

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Jorj Strange

Jorj Strange

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Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) Empty
ViestiAihe: Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade)   Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) EmptyTo Kesä 04, 2015 2:46 pm

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) Jjmfc5
DISABUSE 'From Grind to Raw' PRO CDR €2,80
(Self Released)

Disabuse plays trashcore style ala Japcore influences that Hailed from Manila Philippines. This is their latest effort and they dedicate this piece on their 20 years of existence in Philippine DIY hc punk community. Self released on a PRO-CDR format comes with 12 tracks including 1 cover song from the almighty DISCHARGE, i obtain only few quantities so you must hurry and dig this shit!

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 20hubro
THROW 'Stand' Digipack Slipcase CD sealed €2,50
(Self Released)

Meddling hardcore punk from the Philippines. Formed by the founder of 80's legendary punk band called DEAD ENDS. 23 songs of catchy tunes that bound by their sense of melody from the veins of BAD RELIGION. Released by the band very own label that comes on a digipack slipcase with lyric sheet that would be perfect for all night sing a long! my thumbs up!

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 219s45l
BYSTORM 'Sumalangitnawa' PRO CD sealed €6,00

BYSTORM is a metallic hardcore from Philippines. This full-length is their final effort. 12 tracks including 1 cover song from SSD and co-released by DELUSIONS OF TERROR and MAJOR MALFUNCTION (before it was bought out by Still Ill!)

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 2r477u9
ARMAS NG LIAS 'Street' Cassette Tape sealed €3,20

Northern pride! This tape is a must!, why? this new figgaz from da Northern hood of the Philippines. Consists by the members from the beloved and respective local hardcore punk bands from the Philippines such as, THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT, OFF THE CHAIN and TAME THE TIKBALANG. Their style is a mixture of hardcore rap and hardcore punk elements. A complete combination for those who appreciate hiphop and hardcore punk as well. This tape contains 9 studio tracks plus 4 tracks of their live performances. hurry! it won't last long...

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 6odgzm
NAMATAY SA INGAY(Death by Noise) 'S/T' Cassette Tape sealed €4,50

Filipino American hardcore punk trio based in NYC, fueled by 80's style hardcore. Their debut self titled album contains 6 songs and released only on cassette tape on a limited 100 copies.

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 2rh7638
PUS VOMIT 'Stoned to Death' EP Digipack Slipcase CD sealed €6,50

New release from the brutal death mongers of Cavite Philippines. 5 tracks of brutal slamming death metal from the veins of DISGORGE and DEVOURMENT. Comes on a digipack CD format and released by Berdugo Records. Butcher the weak!

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 1zr121h
HUMAN MSTICATION 'Persecute to Bloodbath' EP €4,00
(Addiction to War)

Brutal slamming death metal from Davao Philippines. Human Mastication is one of the most longest standing brutal death metal band in the history of Philippine underground metal scene. they have tons of releases like splits and full lengths since 2004-2013 and working on a various death metal labels locally and abroad. This band can crush and smash your skull instantly and leave your weak body wounded. 4 tracks of slamming brutal death metal including 1 cover song from DISGORGE[USA]. Pressed on a bloody red vinyl released by ADDICTION TO WAR RECORDS.

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 2hq7234
VEX 'Capitalism is Cannibalism' CD €6,00

Is a hardcore grindviolence band from Philippines. I thought in a first place that i've been rip off when i
first listen to the 1st track of this CD. When i listening to it, i suddenly recognize that entry song is from a *RIP OFF* noon time show in the Philippines. Well whatever! this CD is their first full length and it contains old and new recordings. 14 new tracks included 1 cover song from an old school anarcho-punk band in the Philippines called STAND FAST[RIP] plus bonus tracks from their demo 2005. Collaborative released by various independent labels around the globe. Grind!

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) R09n3m

A massive tandem of both anti-politics parties! RAB is A French Oi punk meanwhile IOD is a hardcore punk from Philippines. Both bands serves 2 tracks on both sides. Released by Multi-label around Europe. Punk!

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 5138gn
SISTER BASTARD 'Powerviolence' PRO CDEP €3,00
(Nuclear Alcoholocaust)

Mighty morphin powerviolence! hails from the hoods of the Philippines. fast loud and distorted. This reminds me of SPAZZ, MAN IS THE BASTARD, INFEST or maybe CAPITALIST CASUALTIES to name a few. DISCLAIMER: we dont promote "HATE" and "VIOLENCE" we just love "POWERVIOLENCE". dig it?

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 2w326pe
RHDP 'Parusa' EP €4,50
(Tension Head)

RHDP is a Pilipino-American hardcore red horse drunk punk rock and roll trio and currently based in Virginia Beach. When MOTÖRHEAD meets DEAD ENDS(Philippines)! fuck yeah! This Ep contains 4 tracks of heavy, loud and total punk n' roll and their songs sang in our native language! Released by TENSION HEAD RECORDS pressed it on a 2 colors black and red. Rak en Rol!!!

*All items are 'Shipping Exclude' send message about shipping rates.
TRADES ARE MORE THAN WELCOME, but be sure to shoot me an email first about your offers.
I accept PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER(Finland Only) for payments.

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Jorj Strange

Jorj Strange

Viestien lukumäärä : 162
Join date : 02.10.2011

Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) Empty
ViestiAihe: Vs: Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade)   Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) EmptyKe Heinä 08, 2015 11:12 am


Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 1zdxik9
(Berdugo) €7,50 // AVAILABLE

2 Monstrous acts blows the heaviest stuff. New materials from the Philippines sludge doom legends! Pioneers of the Philippines underground metal scene, DEATH AFTER BIRTH a 420 feet deep of murky weedian drown in depressive stoner doom smoke out with the 16 tons of slug altered state sludge, SURROGATE PREY.Their split EP features 6 songs of depressive and hallucegenic stoner sludge doom. Comes in a pro-pressed 6 panel digipack CD. Cover artwork done by Tony Cosgrove and Gani Simpliciano. Officialy released under Berdugo Records. Smoke weed and drink Absinthe!


Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 2dkmw4h
DISABUSE/COMMIT ARSON 'Full blast of Anger' Split Tape
(Multi-Label) €3,00 // AVAILABLE

Another killer release from the Philippines crustcore mongers!
DISABUSE Longest standing trashcore legends joins Manila's finest grindcrust askals COMMIT ARSON. This tape released during DISABUSE/COMMIT ARSON Singapore/Malaysia mini tour earlier this year.
ABUSE side contains new and old recordings plus 1 cover song from the almighty d-beat legends DISCLOSE, long live kawakami! On the ARSON side, all songs on their side were live recorded during rehearsals, raw as fvckin fvck! 14 noise of pure trash grinding crust assault in your face!Co-releases between SEA DIY labels on a limited 350 skulls!


Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade) 4uvzu8
(Multi-Label) €6,50 // AVAILABLE

RV and VL were a female fronted straight forward sXe hardcore bands from the Philippines. They are highly active Filipino hardcore bands on the Philippine DIY hardcore punk scene community. Inspired by 80's style of hardcore punk, RANDOM VIOLENCE throw 4 songs on their side short, fast but loud! while VALUE LAST give their 3 songs on the veins of youth crew styled of hardcore i see a nearest comparison to YOUTH OF TODAY with a killer melodic riffings. Collaboratively released among finest DIY pinoy hardcore punk labels locally and abroad! pressed on 3 variant colors, 100/clear, 100/green and 300/black. I only obtained a few quantities of traditional black one, so must hurry and grab one!


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Philippines Underground Records(Sale//Trade)
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